Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

pics that make me love my friends :)

So I was looking at all my pictures and I started thinking how much I love my friends and how they will always be retarded with me. Hahah we've had some great moments and I wanted to share just a few. Of course the best moments can't be seen in a picture but these ones made me laugh and brought back good memories. I hope they do for you toO! Love you guys!

p.s. sorry I know there's alot but hey there's been alot of fun times and this doesn't even begin to show them all :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The End :)

Another year of dance has come and gone. This one has been amazing and I love all these girls so much. This has probably been the funnest year I've ever had on a dance team. We've had some pretty crazy fun times and even though we were a little lazy sometimes we had so much fun. I'm going to miss this team and I hope next year is every bit as fun. I LOVE YOU GUYS! :) thanks for all the memories :)

US in our beautiful review dresses! :)

Our boys :D
My KucuMbeR besties!

EASKJA! may you live forever!!!!!

Me and my escort Logan

A bunch of us at our lockin before review

Erin and I enjoying our amazing twinkies
Mady I'm so excited to see you!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Savior

So I've been wanting for a while now to put a picture of the Savior in my room, and today I finally decided to find one. I keep coming back to Greg Olsen's work. His painting are all exactly how I picture our Savior. The only problem is I can't pick which one to put in my room. So here are some of my favorites. Let me know which ones you like best :)

Forever And Ever
Precious In His Sight

O Jerusalem

I Feel My Savior's Love

In His Light

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Never Thought This Day Would Come

Well I have to say I never thought this day would come and now that it has it is all a little strange. My dad got released from being a bishop today. It's just really weird. He's been the bishop since I was in 5th grade and before that he was always a counselor or something. I guess it'll just take some getting used to and don't get me wrong it's very exciting. Our new bishop is Vaugn Evans. He's been my neighbor my whole life and I love him and his wife. And the first counselor is Brother Whipple and Brother Prisbey is second counselor. I think they will all do really awesome but I'm going to miss not seeing our old bishopric on the stand........... which means my dad is going to start sitting with us in church. Hmmm that is weird hahah I don't think he's ever sat with us in church. It's been a lot of fun though having my dad as bishop...... getting first dibs on his secret candy stash, having him at girls camp, getting bishop interviews from my dad (which was always kind of funny since he already knows everything about me) .............. hearing all the juicy stories about people in our ward........ hahaha ok not really. All in all it's been cool being the bishop's daughter and I think our new bishop will do a great job.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

<3 My friEndS :)

Today me and some of my besties took a bunch of super cute pictures so I thought I would post them. I took them all on my dad's tripod and I'm hoping I can use them for my photography class because they turned out so cute. These are all the ones I've edited so far.Sorry I was being kinda lazy with this one I'm going to bring back the color in the tractor too cuz its like the same color as our shirts and I think it will look really cool. I was just too lazy to do it right now

Hahah we had to retake this picture so many times cuz Kaitlyns face kept getting covered by the roses

Yes, this is my future car :P

I love these ones we took on the tractor

I love how the leaves look in this picture. It reminds me of autumn

I like the stream in the backround of this one

Saturday, January 2, 2010

NeW yEaR!!!!! 2010

So every year on New Years day our family goes up to Valley of Fire for a picnic/brunch. Analise and Lynae both got new cameras for Christmas so I had a bunch of pictures from it and since its been forever since I last posted I thought I'd post these pictures. :) Enjoy!

Me and my cousin Todd trying to feed the chipmunks.

Me with some of my cousins.

Hahah I love this picture. Me and Todd both saw a chipmunk :)
Me and Analise went rock climbing and took some pretty cool pictures.

Ok you can't really tell from the picture but I was way high up and had like nothing to hold onto so this is a total action shot right here hah.

Some cousins and my little brothers

I really like the sky in this picture.

Oh this picture is definitely my favorite!

Yes, my mom made us all wear our matching Hardy Party sweatshirts for a picture.

I love our retarded faces in this pic

I just thought this was a super cute picture.